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General enquiries
Boston Target,
16 Wide Bargate,
PE21 6SR

Telephone: 01205 315000
E-mail: bostonnews@targetseries.co.uk

Editor:Adam Moss
Email: adam.moss@targetseries.co.uk

Reporter:Elaine Davies
Email: elaine.davies@targetseries.co.uk
Reporter:Caroline Wilson
Email: caroline.wilson@targetseries.co.uk
Sports reporter: Mark Whiley
Email: mark.whiley@lincolnshiremedia.co.uk
Telephone: 01522 804302

Telephone: 01205 315000

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    World car trends for 2014

    At a press conference hosted by the World Car Awards (WCA) at the New York International Auto Show, an expert panel comprising 69 of the world's top automotive...

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    The Passat seems about perfect

    The Passat has long been an understated-looking thing, but this seventh generation model pares back the styling still further to a point where it looks coolly...

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