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Simmonds is out touch with town and people

By Boston Target  |  Posted: December 12, 2012

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I TOTALLY agree with last week's 'Letter of the Week' suggesting Mark Simmonds MP was out of touch with Boston, it's people and mass immigration.

He probably made the ludicrous remark about local people not wanting to work on the land for the last thirty to forty years because he's clutching at straws. Nothing he can say can justify the situation because in fairness, it was the previous government who caused the first spark of Civil Unrest.

Lets go back to the late nineties, I can remember being in the pub on a Sunday lunchtime when the lads would come in and say "I've earned a hundred quid this morning". One of them said on the Friday evening he'd received his wages for the week and paid a small amount of 'super tax'. This is the kind of wage the average field worker could achieve in those days - yet vegetables remained competitively priced in the supermarket. I can also remember 1999/2000 visiting several vegetable packing stations in Lincolnshire and Norfolk where the staff were majority English, mostly ladies average age forty to fifty probably kids now off their hands. So where did it all go so wrong?

The Labour Party – always un-trusted in the past for it's liberal stance on immigration together with Tony Blair, the man who I would accuse of selling this country down the river, happily presided over a policy of paying millions of our own people NOT to work. This took the guise of either tax credits, income support, dole money, incapacity etc. Virtually everyone knows someone who is not entitled to benefits and is perfectly able to work – but why bother working as you'll probably be worse off. Then came 2006 and Poland entered the EU. Blair and his loonies didn't bother to restrict economic migration as they thought only fifty thousand or so would come – yeah, right.

There is nothing wrong with migrant workers – in moderate numbers - coming to this country earning a wage, paying tax and contributing to our society.

However we are not on a level playing field.

They are able to work for the minimum wage because many of them live in houses of multiple occupancy. Their sheer numbers able them to dominate the workplace and now we hear of gangmasters' behaviour being far worse than the ones Mark Simmonds' predecessor Sir Richard Body MP tried to sort out years ago with the English 'gangmasters'.

This debate will go on for a very long time. I do not accuse Mark Simmonds of the "first sparks" though unless he gets a grip of the true situation he will indeed end up fanning the flames. It is up to HIS party now to correct things though I doubt Cameron will rock the boat while Clegg's got his arms tied round his back.

What was that about an referendum on Europe Mr Cameron? When are the politicians going to listen – its not about racism its about resources. Victory to UKIP.

David Brown

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