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Why was PM not in Boston?

By Boston Target  |  Posted: December 18, 2013

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THE Target is to be congratulated on its coverage of the flood disaster of last week.

I note that Cameron visited north Norfolk but couldn't be bothered to visit amore stricken area of Boston or Cleethorpes and nor could he be bothered to offer any positive support to the many victims who have lost their homes, businesses or perhaps both.

Why is it that Cameron et al can soon find stacks of money for overseas disaster appeals and for overseas aid but find it impossible to aid their own people?

For instance, £1,000 paid to all afflicted properties would only cost £1,200,000 – chicken feed compared to the money found for the Philippines Appeal and a mere bagatelle compared to overseas aid at nearly £12 billion!

There was a time, of course, when HM Forces would have ridden to the rescue but Cameron has butchered them to the extent that there are very little or no members left to assist the Civil Powers.

Boston expects to see a proper flood barrier in place by 2019 – for goodness sake it only took the Romans seven years to build Hadrian's Wall!

The fundamental problem lies in the fact that when the Coalition came into power they slashed the budgets for sea defences and now people are having to pay the price for this government's incompetence.

Finally, the next threat is due to appear on January 1 which given a prevailing wind could be an even bigger disaster for the people of Boston.

Suggestion: all people flooded should find out when local Conservative members are holding their clinics and pay them a visit armed with buckets of water!

Alan J Ford


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