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Don't listen to the propaganda

By Boston Target  |  Posted: April 17, 2013

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I JUST had to reply to Mr Syrett's letter (April 10). In common with many he has been listening to the energy companies' propaganda and missed the following points.

Claims that a certain on shore wind farm will provide energy for so many thousand homes are a bare faced lie. It is only true when the wind is not too strong or too weak.

This is typically 26 per cent to 28 per cent of the time. To maintain power supplies for the majority of the time we HAVE to keep coal, gas, biomass or nuclear generators working in the least efficient mode – standby – to fill in the gaps. Until we can effectively store energy, wind power can never provide the power "on demand" that we need.

Wind energy is only profitable because of the higher bills we all pay to subsidise it. To build a wind farm uses so much highly polluting steel, energy and concrete for a 25-year life span it is not really so green and may even be carbon negative, i.e. a polluter.

Energy companies make huge profits from chasing the EU's impossible dream of sustainable energy which will not stop the lights going out.

Alan Pickering,


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