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Boston's migration concerns Prime Minister David Cameron as council seeks residents' views

By Boston Target  |  Posted: October 10, 2012

STRONG WORDS: Prime Minister David Cameron has spoken out about a recent Social Impact of Population Change in Boston report.

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THE Prime Minister has said it is 'ridiculous' British people are 'sitting at home' when migrants are coming the UK to work.

Boston Borough Council has now urged residents to come forward with their views after a report has been published detailing Boston's population increase.

The report, Social Impact of Population Change in Boston, was published last Wednesday and received immediate attention nationwide, including comments from Prime Minister David Cameron.

Boston Borough Council task and finish group chairman councillor Paul Kenny said: "Information, facts, detail, opinion, views, conclusions and recommendations are all now down in black and white for all to see and read and consider.

"But this report is not the end of this process – it's only the beginning. We now want to hear a response from the ordinary people of Boston and the borough."

The draft report and its 28 recommendations deal with such issues as street drinking, anti-social behaviour, illegal vehicles, sale of alcohol, deportation, additional EU funding, licensing all Houses of Multiple Occupation, access to work and impacts on all sections of the community.

Evidence and information was gathered by the task and finish group from the police, employers, educators, the press, other councils in Lincolnshire, the MP, council enforcement and health departments and experts on migration and population change.

Mr Kenny added: "This document will be influential – it has already attracted interest at the highest level, so your views will really count.

"This is the best opportunity you will have to record in a place which really matters what you really think about Boston today and for the future.

"The final report will be read at regional, national and international level by those in authority who really have the power to make changes."

The report will next be considered by the borough council's corporate and community committee on Thursday, October 18. Members of the public have been welcomed to attend the meeting, but the rules only permit for them to listen and not take part.

However, the chairman has decided to waive the normal rules and there will be a period during the meeting when members of the public can ask questions and present comments to the committee as long as the questions and comments have been submitted in advance.

Questions and comments not submitted in advance will not be permitted.

Please submit your questions and comments in writing or by email no later than 5pm on Monday, October 15.

Include your name and address and make your point as briefly as possible.

To submit questions and comments or obtain further information, please contact janette.collier@boston.gov.uk or write to: Ms J. Collier, Democratic Services, Municipal Buildings, West Street, Boston,

Any question that cannot be dealt with during the meeting, either because of lack of time or because of the non-attendance of the person to whom it was to be put, will be dealt with by a written answer within seven working days of the meeting.

The full report can be viewed at www.boston.gov.uk.

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  • mynameis  |  October 12 2012, 4:24AM

    Is this not just a few years too late ? I am struggling to see the solution to this problem, what are they going to do round up all of the migrants and ship them all back home ? I don't think so. All they can possibly do now is tackle future immigration problems and try to stop other area's from suffering the same fate. I live in Lincoln and when walking around my local area I feel like I am the foreigner with everyone else talking in an unfamiliar language and at least a dozen european shops. Does anyone know what David Camerons policy is to tackle the immigration ?

    |   6
  • gsx1100  |  October 10 2012, 11:37PM

    InsideStory, please inform me of the alternative to the "silver spooned" Cameron. Is it the millionaire Milliband brothers and their wealthy, cabinet cohorts, or the mega rich Lib-Dem front liners? If you believe any of the the above give a monkeys **** about the common people, please transport me to planet Zog, where you are.

    |   6
  • nigelsparky  |  October 10 2012, 8:16PM

    And how long has Cameron been in power? Of course under the previous Labour administrations of Blair and Brown, all was so rosey in the garden wasn't it! Everyone had a job and we had no foreigners coming into Boston taking the local employment. This has all happened in the last 2 years then has it? No it hasn't. I don't recall the likes of Blair and that other idiot Brown doing anything to curb immigration, do you? These greedy bosses then, who quite often risk everything they own to pour vast amounts of money into business, that in turn create employment for the likes of me and you four. The previous administration liked to batter these people to a pulp, which in turn forced many of them to take their money out of the country. Which means no businesses to provide employment. Is that what you would like to see happen then? Remember, it's not the politicians that will dig the country out of the mess the last administration left behind, although they can implement policies to help, It's the entrepreneurs taking the risks that will steer the country to calmer waters. They need the incentive to take such risks, risks people like me and you won't entertain, because we haven't got the "balls". It's all so easy to criticise the so called "greedy" bosses, but you have to look further than the end of your nose, and look at the wider picture. It is this very attitude that you are spouting off in your posts that turn people against one another, not the likes of Cameron. Oh and just to finish, when did Blair and Brown plan the referendum on the EU then?

    |   -3
  • InsideStory  |  October 10 2012, 6:16PM

    He's that concerned he wont give us a referendum on the EU . Whats this silver spooned toff know about ordinary folk ? He's lived in a bubble all his life .

    |   4
  • blindimp  |  October 10 2012, 1:41PM

    Agree with the first 2 comments. Tories do not give a toss. It's in their interests to divide people. Welfare receivers are all scroungers, Johnnie Foreigner takes our jobs. They like a low wage, low skilled poorly educated workforce. Train and educate workers, why it would put them out of power. They want the EDL, BNP, NF and other far right scumbags to march in Boston.Thatcher did the same in the 1980's, I stood with the Anti Nazi League on many a demo. I do know Boston, I was born there, and had the misfortune to live there for over 30 years!

    |   -18
  • peterke  |  October 10 2012, 11:31AM

    NICKYTHENARK Totally agree with you. I would like to add dont the 600 plus idiots in Westminster get the fact that there are last count around half a million jobs going for three million out of work say of those half a million wont work so that still leaves two million who cannot get a job , are these the people Westminster say are scroungers, shame on all of Westminster with their fat salarys.

    |   -13
  • nickythenark  |  October 10 2012, 9:12AM

    Cameron should tell the bosses to employ British people then instead of employing cheap foreign labour that they treat like slaves. I'm sick and tired of listening to people saying but the British people don't want work,its the same now with the welfare reforms people are being told everyone on benefits is a scrounger or a benefit cheat. Its a load of codswallop yes their are some cheats and some scroungers i will admit this but there are a lot of genuine benefit claimants out there. Its just a case of Cameron and his numpties turning the people against each other to deflect from his lousy governments failings. So don't just blame the people on benefit Cameron blame the greedy bosses that the Tories always look after when they are in Government

    |   -7