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Boston drink-driver drove through garden fence then fled scene

By Boston Target  |  Posted: June 22, 2012

Boston Magistrates' Court

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A DRINK-driver who drove his car through a garden fence and then fled the scene has been banned from the roads for 20 months.

Grzegorz Kopyt, 43, of Garfits Lane, Boston, was also fined £200 and ordered to pay £85 costs with a £15 victim's surcharge after admitting charges of drink driving and failing to stop after a accident.

Boston Magistrates heard the incident took place in Garfits Lane at about 7.15pm on May 24.

Kopyt drove an Audi A3 through the fence before turning the car around and driving off. He parked the vehicle a few hundred metres up the road and went into his house where he was arrested by police shortly afterwards.

At Boston Police Station he gave a breath test reading of 75 micrograms of alcohol compared to the 35 microgram legal limit.

Mitigating, Beris Brickles said the car belonged to Kopyt's cousin who was in Poland on holiday at the time.

Kopyt panicked when the collision took place as he does not speak much English and feared what reaction the property owners may have had to what happened.

Mr Brickles added Kopyt had subsequently paid to repair the fence and the damage to the car.

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  • snoddybag  |  June 25 2012, 10:20AM

    It never ceases to amaze me of the naivety of some of you sanctimonious people.

    |   -8
  • FreedomSpeech  |  June 24 2012, 4:26PM

    Exactly sparky. And we have enough of our own law-breaking low-life, without importing more. Unfortunately, we can't deport "home-grown" criminals, but any criminal conviction for an immigrant should result in permanent deportation IMO.

    |   -3
  • nigelsparky  |  June 24 2012, 3:37PM

    having read the comments below and the article. I feel there is too much being made of where this guy may or may not have come from. The fact is he committed an offence by driving whilst under the influence of alcohol. Fortunately no-one was injured or worse killed, and it is this that people should be focussing on. A 20 month ban from driving and what amounts to a 300 pounds fine seems very lenient to me. As for where he came from and without making this thread into a racist topic, we all must remember that not everyone that comes to our shores are the hard working and perfect law abiding citizens as always seems to be promoted in the press and media. There is good and bad in every race and creed.

  • Numb_Chumpy  |  June 24 2012, 9:18AM

    Wish we could send snoddybag back to whence she came.

    |   6
  • TB78WHlNE  |  June 22 2012, 12:56PM

    Still circumstantial evidence, though, isn't it?

    |   -1
  • M_C_Donald  |  June 22 2012, 12:37PM

    @TB78WHINE "...Kopyt panicked when the collision took place as he does not speak much English." While is don't support snoddybag's comment, the evidence for his sentiment is to be found by reading the article properly and applying some intelligence in interpreting what is written.

    |   -2
  • TB78WHlNE  |  June 22 2012, 11:02AM

    And you are?

    |   -1
  • VictorToo  |  June 22 2012, 10:31AM

    @TB78WHINE I've been looking at your comments on other stories and would recommend a course on anger management . You can disagree with other comments but I'm sure you don't need to be quite so aggressive when you do.

  • TB78WHlNE  |  June 22 2012, 9:42AM

    How about you establish he wasn't actually born here before running your mouth off? Or is rationality and intelligence too much to expect?

    |   1
  • snoddybag  |  June 22 2012, 9:36AM

    What about sending back to whence he came?

    |   -11